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SlySoftware Solucion eCommerce
Internal and web product catalog
Promotion mode for expo
Product detail with 9 photographs, technical sheets, videos, related products, recommended products, etc.
Price list
Automatic pdf catalog for offline promotion

SEO Premium
Excelente SEO para appear in first place in search engines such as Google
Demo of first place in google, available in your screen
Constant updating to the guidelines of the search engines and social networks

Warehouse control
Stock control
Inventories. maximums and minimums
Products and services in general
Auto refill report
Inventory-taking comparison against stocks
Stock alerts
Movement alerts
Controls, reports, alerts

ERP integration
Total integration with your current ERP
Merchandise inputs, outputs, products, customers, suppliers, balances, reports, customized solutions.
Exit to the cloud
Entry from the cloud

Advanced development
Advanced development techniques and methodologies, keeping us several light years in front of our competitors
Superior security
State of the art login security
Monitored controlled access
Automatic blocking due to excess access attempts
Software audited by guidelines of national and international organizations
2 years of total activity registration
Monitoring and restriction network, independent distributed automatic

Specialized superior monitoring, 24x7 dedicated
Industrial servers with reduced population
Dodeca redundant Internet connection
Triple redundant battery bank
Triple redundant switch panel
Triple redundant light plant
Restricted access with biometric systems